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Spanish Police Arrested Putin’s Neo Nazi Gang Followers & Closed Down “Proyecto Pilla-pilla”

On December 24, 2013 Spanish police arrested Neo Nazi gay bashing gang in Barcelona. The gang leader, Mr. Mikola Zatkalnitsky, Ukrainian immigrant who now resides in Spain, is a staunched supporter of the “Occupy Pedofilyaj” movement founded by Maxim Martsinkevich (aka “Clever”) in Russia. This movement hunts down gay people using fake personal ads on the social networks. Once captured the victims undergo torture, beating and forced outing on video. All video materials are distributed on-line along with the personal details of each victim.

Spectrum Human Rights worked hard with the Embassy of Spain in Washington, DC, Interpol and US State Department trying to raise EU authorities awareness to this movement and ultimately take a legal action.


  1. this is a reminder that there are bigots out there waiting to harm the innocent. It is people like this fucking racist bigot is why I hit the gym and remain a big man. let the day come that an individual like this ever threatens me, my partner of 21 years, or anyone I love and I will make sure that after I smash his head through a plateglass window that he remembers the queer he threatened beat the crap out of him.

    I refuse to live in fear.

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