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Sochi 2014 Play: London Theater Staged a Protest against Russia’s Anti-gay Legislation

Famous British playwright Tess Berry-Hart shared her impressions about the play at King’s Head theater in the exclusive interview granted to Spectrum Human Rights:

“…the British audience is usually quiet , they sit there and clap at the end but this time people were going: “oh, no!”, “shame!” … just commenting”

The play was announced by The Guardian:

“The King’s Head theatre in Islington has commissioned verbatim playwright Tess Berry-Hart to create a play examining the law — which has made it illegal to give under-18s information about homosexuality in Russia — as well as its implications and consequences.

Russia’s attitude to homosexuality has triggered calls to boycott the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. Comedian and actor Stephen Fry wrote to the prime minister, David Cameron, urging him to support a motion calling for Great Britain to withdraw.

Berry-Hart’s play, titled Sochi 2014, will fuse verbatim testimony from Russians in both Russia and London with media coverage and debate concerning solutions. It will also include extracts from the Olympic charter in a bid to highlight the flagrant breaches of the Olympic spirit by Vladimir Putin’s regime.

Profits from the event, which will receive two performances on 1 and 2 September, will be donated to Spectrum, a Russian organisation devoted to countering discrimination and abuse stemming from sexual orientation or gender identity. Artistic director Adam Spreadbury-Maher will direct.”





Artistic director Adam Spreadbury-Maher

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