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Shooting at the Famous Moscow Gay Club

Famous gay club, “Central Station”, in Moscow was attacked by two men who started shooting at people from the handguns around 5am Moscow time on November 16, 2013. Fortunately, nobody was injured.

This was reported by Spectrum Human Rights activists in Moscow and several Russian based media sources such as:

Unprovoked anti-gay attacks became a norm in Putin’s Russia where state-run media is spearheading state-sponsored campaign of homophobia. Recently adopted anti-LGBT laws and open calls for violence against gay people issued via twitter and other media channels by Russian leaders of the Parliament (and local lawmakers, such as Vitaly Milonov) help to fuel Neo Nazi groups such as infamous “Occupy Pedofilyaj” and many others.

Homophobia is policy in Putin’s Russia!


  1. Be aware that right-wing U.S. Christian extremists are some of the central instigators and promoters of this hatred and violence in Russia, against the our Russian LGBT brothers and sisters.

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