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Russian Homophobic Lawmaker is Implicated in the Shady Financial Schemes with Public Money

According to the investigative journalists at the Russian news portal, it appears that infamous Russian homophobic lawmaker, Vitaly Milonov, was involved in a numerous financial schemes to raise millions of rubles for his election campaign in St. Petersburg, Russia. The English translation of the original article has been provided by Mr. George Budny, our human rights activist, in his on-line blog titled “Russian Government Suspicious Schemes: Funding Social Welfare or Rewarding Human Rights Violators?”

It appears that Mr. Milonov, his wife and a close associate used an elaborate scheme to funnel money from the St. Petersburg city budget through their NGO “Orthodox World” and a mysterious corporation “Empire” which contact info they are not able to recall.  Allegedly Mr. Milonov’s charity distributed food kits for the needy in the fall of 2011 and first half of 2012, i.e. just before the parliamental and presidential elections in Russia. Oddly enough, the journalists found out that his NGO “Orthodox Word” was registered only in June 2012. Mr. Milov was unable to explain this fact. Also, neither Mr. Milonov, nor his close associate, Mr. Alexey Knyazev, could recall any details about the major supplier of the food kits, “Empire” corporation, even though that corporation allegedly delivered tons of food. Both men issued numerous contradicting statements, sometimes even denying their involvement into the NGO “Orthodox World” while being listed on the record as the founders.

Apparently corruption and theft of public funds are the part of the “traditional moral values” preached by Mr. Milonov who initiated anti-LGBT laws in Russia and his associate, Mr. Knyazev, who tried to sue popular US singer Madonna for “homosexual propaganda” during her performance in St. Petersburg.


***Note:  It is important to remember that in Russia politicians are appointed by the winning party, so they do not run a personal campaign, thus to stay in power they have to insure the winning race for their political party. Mr. Milonov belongs to the “United Russia” party, so in every campaign he has to secure their place in line to remain in his office.

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