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Remembering the Victims of Putin’s Regime

August 13, 2015 Embassy of the Russian Federation Washington, DC Anatoly Kazakov, Spectrum Human Rights alliance activist, picketed the Embassy of the Russian Federation today in remembrance of the 118 navy personnel perished on the abandoned by the Russian President Putin submarine “Kursk” 15 years ago.

The blast at sea was detected by international monitors. But, for two days, Russia kept silent about the disaster and President Putin stayed on holiday. He returned to insist that Russia could manage the highly sensitive rescue operation alone: the Kursk had been the pride of the Russian fleet. But it proved complicated. In the end, it was Norwegian divers who managed to open the submarine hatch and by then the entire crew had perished. A note found on one of the men revealed that 23 crew members had survived the initial explosions, but died waiting for help.” – BBC reported.

“We should never forgive and never forget this tragedy” – Mr. Kazakov stated during his picket.

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