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Putin’s Neo Nazi Terrorize a South African Student and Ukrainian Teens

Putin’s government continues homophobic and xenophobic propaganda on all state run media outlets. As a result fascists started to attack international students and even go on hunting tours (“safaris”) in nearby countries.

In Belgorod, Russia the infamous Neo Nazi group “Okkupaj Pedofilyaj” lured into the trap and tortured a South African national who came to Russia to study at the local University. The victim identified himself as David Smith, 20 years old. On the video his captors detained David in the bathtub, shaved his head in a reverse mohawk, painted the shaved part in green, assaulted with watermelon and later made him imitate an oral sex with a beer bottle.

Throughout the whole video gang members made numerous racial slurs and even made his victim say “White Power” in English (see the video above at 24:37).

South African Student

Certainly, xenophobia become a part of Russian official policy just as much as homophobia. Recently the same Neo Nazi groups conducted so-called “White Train Car” action where they attacked and severely assaulted non-ethnic Russians passengers in Moscow subway. The attack was carried out in the broad day light while chanting “Kill! Kill! Kill!”, Russian police did nothing to stop it.

Enjoying full impunity at home Russian Neo Nazi has decided to export their movement to the nearby Ukraine. Their infamous leader, Maxim Martsinkevich (aka “Tesak”, i.e. “Cleaver”) has just completed his Ukrainian tour where he personally captured and tortured 16 years old gay men while calling them “pedophiles”.


Later these poor victims were forced to perform a “slow dance”.

So far Ukrainian police and law enforcement took no action mimicking their Russian counterpart. Does it mean that Tesak and his gang are untouchables in all former Soviet Union countries?

According to the sociologic research performed by Sarah Shulman, Advisory Board Member at Jewish Voice for Peace, Fellow at New York Institute for the Humanities at NYU and Co-Producer at UNITED IN ANGER: The History of ACT UP, a film by Jim Hubbard, Russian LGBT community expects West:

  1. Use the word “fascism” when discussing the Russian regime.
  2. Boycott Russian government projects but actively support grassroots Russian activism and events.
  3. Protests in the West help Russian queers in terms of morale.

Also, Russian LGBT expect their situation to get worse after the Olympic games in Sochi.


    1. wedont learn . humans are a plague, a virus that destroys everything around him, and even his race and himself. we are the worst living being in the world. religion talks about the devil,and judgment day, but the devil is each and every one of us.. some times it gets out,sometimes it dont.

  1. Пока Запад не поймет,что в России к власти пришли фашисты.Пока Путина не заставят принять меры против нацистов.Пока Тесак и его псы на свободе. Россия даже надеяться не должна на то,что бы принимать Олимпиаду.Бойкот Олимпиады это помощь России! Я один веду войну с Тесаком.И пусть он знает,что пока он жив и на свободе и я не успокоюсь.

  2. For me it’s crazy and i dont understand how is possible in 2013. Nazy is bad, Nazy is stupid, Nazy is devil, Nazy is so little, Nazy is only frustrated people. there are probably gay frustrated!!!! Nazy is all excepted Good.
    So Nazy need to be dead!!! So if the gouvernement don’t move is because is thinking like a nazy!!!!
    So why the other gouvernement don’t move!!!! Because there is no money to win!!!!
    So we have to react and do a revolution to change that!!!!
    Who is with me? I’m ready to give a leson to this sons of bitche!!!!

  3. hunt this assholes and slit their throats in public.. after fucking them in their asses. send some real nazis to them. then u will run them for their lifes. because real nazis will burn and gas this russian assholes

  4. ya bi im vsem mordy ruskie porazbival, svinuky typie, bidlyatiny neobrazovanie izdevaytsya nad lydmi. Sdohnite nelydi naziskie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sick Scum Bags, I can not believe this is happening if it happened in the UK there would be public out rage.. I will never go to Russia after seeing this and will boycott anything to do with the country.. It looks like they were going to kill this poor child… What has happened in Russia over this??? Cowards…

  6. Oh my God I feel so sorry for that boy David Smith I have tears in my eyes watching this. Look at the innocence and fear is his eyes the poor kid. How dare they treat him like that.. and for what? Because of the colour of his skin? I simply cannot and will never understand racism. He simply has different coloured skin to them. Could everyone reading this comment think about that for two seconds and about how stupid racists must be? Literally looking down on someone because they are a different colour. These cowards completely missed out on what life is supposed to be.. and for the people wondering when they get their just deserts.. they are monsters. That is their punishment.

    1. My eyes are also filled with tears and I can’t stop wondering what happend to the poor guy. I hope they set him free afterwards.
      Is there anything we could do to stop these idiots? I really feel the need to do something, but I simply don’t know what. They are even so stupid to show there faces – it should be easy to arrest them!!!
      Those kind of videos really make me lose my believe in humanity.

  7. Putin, you’ve set us back a 150 years. I can not begin to express my feelings toward you. I honestly hope, no it will be my dying wish that you will be put to justice for the hate and propaganda you are so proudly spreading. Eather that or some pipe hitting n’s that will go to town on yo ass! Freedom for all and all for freedom!!

  8. OHHH coitadinho do menino… cortaram-lhe o cabelinho e deram-lhe com uma melancia na cara… fogo…coitado mesmo… são mesmo racistas… Já aqui o meu vizinho levou foi com um tiro de caçadeira na cara só porque era branco e não vejo este tipo de manifestações publicadas nas redes sociais. Eu chamo pretos aos pretos porque eles são pretos. A mim chamam-me branco porque eu sou branco, e daí? Qual é o mal? Sou racista por isso? Só os brancos é que são têm o direito ao rótulo de racistas. Os pretos quando não são racistas… Não… eles só não estão integrados na sociedade…coitados… e por causa disso podem ter orgulho na raça deles que ninguém diz nada… podem bater roubar matar fugir a impostos e andar pelas ruas com atitude superior e desafiadora que ninguém lhes pode dizer nada. Porquê? Porque senão somos racistas… Deixem-se mas é de hipocrisias.

    1. Ah é né? Torturar um negro pela cor da pele do mesmo não é racismo. O que é racismo pra você afinal? Quando te chamam de branquelo? Nossa, coitado de você! Só que não. Imagino como deve ser difícil não conseguir emprego por ser branco, levar coça de polícia de ser branco (perfil de suspeito), ouvir desde cedo que se é inferior por ser branco. Ver pouquíssimos brancos em cargos de chefia… Ah, é verdade, isso não acontece. Babaca #whitetears

  9. Have never seen a people as idiotic as the Russians. Have they forgotten that the Nazis wanted them wiped off the face of the earth. This type of stuff makes me think maybe the Germans should have succeeded in their mission

  10. in Putin’s Russia you are sent to the gulag for a punk song — but you are allowed (if not encouraged by the law) to torture publicly innocent people without having to fear the police who is occupied elsewhere to persecute peaceful non-violent dissidents

  11. Fucking russia and ukraine , the ass hole of the world !!! we need to blow away those fucking
    midle age country !!! they will burn in hell , but they are allready there

  12. these mother fucking coward fagets! u will never do that to a grown up man, or even face this boy alone. stupid white trashes..

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