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Peace March in Washington DC for Solidarity with Ukraine

September 21, 2014

Spectrum Human Rights activists participated in the Peace March in Washington, DC.


The event started at the Ukrainian Embassy on M Street NW and ended with a large manifestation in front of the Russian Embassy on Wisconsin Ave NW. The participants brought US, Ukrainian and Russian flags, slogans calling to stop the war and Russian aggression against Ukraine. The event was attended by several Spectrum Human Rights activists, including Slava Revin, Gleb Latnik, Artem Gorbunov, Ignat Babenko, Anton Novoselov, Oleg Tomilin, Maksim Kochura, Andrey Nasonov, Igor Bazilevskii and many others.

IMG_20140921_140652 IMG_20140921_140927 IMG_20140921_145431 IMG_20140921_145958 IMG_20140921_140823 IMG_20140921_145624

Russian Parliament Member, Ilya Ponomarev, who was the only lawmaker voting against illegal Crimea annexation, made a speech calling for peace in Ukraine.


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