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Free Job Training for Ukrainian Asylum Recipients in DC Area

May 4, 2015
Washington, DC

Learnix Center has provided 2 scholarships on their Comprehensive Software Testing/QA course to the local Ukrainian asylum recipients. Discounts are offered to all others.

This is a 3 month intensive course ideal for recent immigrants or anyone who wants to become an IT professional without investing years of their lives and tens of thousands of dollars.

The course invites people of all walks of life:

– No prior IT experience is required
– No coding skills are needed
– No college degree is necessary

Learnix Center has a unique program that provides:

– solid academic knowledge
– hands-on skills / real-life project execution
– resume writing & marketing
– interview training
– career coaching & adaptation to the US labor market

To qualify for the scholarship the applicants must sign up here and come to an open house on May 12, 2015. The further details will be provided at an open house.

Everyone else is welcome to come and attend by signing here.

Spectrum Human Rights Alliance, Ukraine Freedom Support Group and Magnitsky Act Initiative deeply appreciate this generous donation from Learnix Center and encourage people to apply!

According to the Learnix Center founder, Andrew Duplyakin:

“We welcome everyone at our center and wish to support our local community. Recently Forbes identified the #1 Happiest Job in America. It’s a Software Tester/QA. The biggest challenge on our course is to instill confidence to our students. Make them believe in themselves. We demonstrate that there is nothing to “fear” in IT and Software Testing/QA can be learned by people with no prior exposure to programming. Over the last 2 years we have successfully trained many students who are currently working at the leading IT organizations in the DC area. We are training our people and provide them an opportunity to a great success in the US.”

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