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  • Natalia Tsymbalova

    Alliance of Straights for LGBT Equality
    St. Petersburg, Russia

  • Gennady Rosh

    AIDS Foundation East-West (AFEW)

  • Ivan Simochkin

    Alliance for Equality of LGBT Heterosexuals, project “Children 404. LGBT teens. We are!”
    Editor Alliance’s Facebook page/one of the leading project


  • Melanie Nathan

  • Viacheslav Revin

    NGO LGBT – Assistance Russia

    I am an LGBT activist for over 6 years. Was an activist in Moscow, and Nizhny Novgorod. Participated in the evolution of the LGBT movement since 2007. Was forced to flee Russia because of threats of violence by the police. My specialty is the analysis and communication. Live with HIV since 2009.

    Washington DC, USA

  • Valery Sozaev

  • Roman Kalinin

  • Adrian Garcia

  • Klavdia Volgershtein

  • Christian Vincent

  • Andrey Nasonov

    Information project “SQueer” and LGBT Voronezh association
    Coordinator, Editor in Chief


  • Nina Long

    RUSA LGBT – Russian-Speaking American LGBT Association

  • Dmitry VolchekDmitry Volchek