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Banning Homophobic Russian Lawmakers from Entering the US

January 17, 2015
The DC Center
Washington, DC

Spectrum Human Rights activists met with Mr. Scott Busby, Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor at the Department of State, and his colleagues.

During the meeting our activists proposed to add several Russian homophobic lawmakers to the Magnitsky List that allows the US Government to ban the human rights violators to enter the US and freeze their assets worldwide at the American financial institutions. Infamously known author of the anti-gay laws, Mr. Vitaly Milonov, was recommended for the immediate sanctions by Larry Poltavtsev, President of Spectrum Human Rights. It was emphasized that Mr. Milonov personally spearheaded a recent attack on a gay club in St. Petersburg, Russia and engaged in the violent conduct.

Several activists brought up numerous questions about the US immigration laws and political asylum procedures. Mr. Alexander Podosokorskiy specifically asked about the US State Department asylum guidelines for LGBT people from Crimea which is currently illegally occupied by Russia.


The US State Department officials brought clarity to many issues that were raised by the asylum seekers from different regions of the world.

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