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This is a portal to connect activists and free journalists on the ground in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and former USSR with Western media. Participating activists and organizations can publish their press releases, news, opinions and announcements.  Spectrum Human Rights will promote this portal to all Western media to provide a better exposure to the human rights issues in Eastern Europe and former USSR.

Legal Disclaimer: Our participants are completely independent human right activists/organizations or journalists who express their own points of view and do not necessarily represent Spectrum Human Rights position. Nothing in these posts can be construed as a statement or endorsement from Spectrum Human Rights. We reserves the right to terminate a relationship with any organization or individual at any time without a prior notice and delete their posts. By posting here participants agree to avoid obscenities, insults, harmful behavior, threats, violence, any and all unlawful activities under US federal and local laws. Constructive criticism is encouraged provided that a positive solution and/or action is suggested.