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9th Grade School Girl is Convicted of Gay Propaganda in Russia / Putin’s Regime Fights Children

According to the several media sources, Russian Juvenile Court in the city of Bryansk found a 9th grade school girl guilty of violating Putin’s anti-gay laws by publicly admitting her sexual identity in front of her school mates. This is the first incident of applying such law to minors. The girl identity is not revealed by the journalists to protect her privacy, however, 9th grade students are typically between 14-16 years old. The local Russian Juvenile Court was unable to open a criminal investigation case, however, they put the “offender” on their registry list along with other juvenile offenders.

The founder of the “Children 404” project designed to provide help to LGBT minors, Russian journalist Lena Klimova, reported that the 9th grade victim of the Putin’s regime had contacted her directly and provided the original court papers.

Russian LGBT news portal reported that the 9th grader ended up in the hospital recently with a severe head injury allegedly as a result of the homophobic attack from the victim’s father.



  1. The girls own father beat her up so that she had to be admitted to hospital, And Putin says the is no discrimination in Russia, Well Mr Putin, have you given instruction for the father to be arrested for assault on his child. No don’t make me laugh, you are not a big enough person. You are an idiot who wants to see people murdered, you don’t mind having blood on your hands. You cannot fool me. You are not worth one second of my time, This child however is.
    How about making it possible that any gay Russian child will be sent out of the country to a gay family, A family that would understand and care for that child. It would not cost you anything, Just fill up the seats on Russian planes. I for one would be very happy to give a child or two a home.

  2. Russians have been lied to by their government and their church, so they now honestly believe:
    1. Homosexuals are made and not born
    2. Homosexuals are predators who are after their children
    3. Homosexuals are out to make the whole straight world into homosexuals
    4. Homosexual orientation is directly linked to immorality
    5. Homosexuality is spread via “propaganda”
    6. Homosexuality is a Western phenomenon, and is “anti-Russian”
    7. Homosexuals can be turned into heterosexuals by persecuting us
    8. By converting gays ‘back’ into straights, the declining Russian birth rate will be reversed.

    All of these statements are 100% wrong. These are not facts, they are misperceptions, and they are being used as excuses for abuse.

    The only way forward is by direct engagement with religion and lawmakers, challenged in open and public debate. Unfortunately there is also going to have to be considerable martyrdom, with activists putting themselves in harm’s way, risking their lives and actual bodily harm as recent footage has already shown to be escalating.

  3. The father ought to face serious charges of child abuse. How any parent could do this is beyond me but that is what prejudice and hatred does – it breaks boundaries in a way that belittles humanity

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