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Spectrum HR Activists Go on Endless Protest at the White House

Spectrum Human Rights Alliance activist, Andrew Nasonov, decided to go on an endless protest action at The White House informing American people about the state of LGBT human rights in Russia. His action was supported by Artem Gorbunov, another activist from our organization.


From Andrew Nasonov:
Day one.
August 24, 2014. It was my first public LGBT rights campaign in the United States. I picketed the White House.
The main goal of this picket is to inform the residents of the United States about the difficult plight of the LGBT people in Russia and numerous violations of their human rights. That is why I plan on using banners with various slogans and photographs while handing out the leaflets with my story and general information about the lives of the LGBT people in Russia. I believe that it’s very important to talk about it now. While the whole world is closely monitoring the global geopolitical developments, other problems do not disappear, do not become less actual.
I am committed to an indefinite protest. I plan to go to the White House all the time. Perhaps, even every day. At least until I get an official work authorization. This usually happens after 150 days upon the filing an asylum application.

P.S. I will share my feelings and impressions about my first day later.
Take care of yourself.
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  1. Dear Sir/Ms.:

    Thank you for presenting the ”on target” article on what it is truly like to reside in a country who they call “democratic,” but in actuality is life still lived as if it were still The Soviet Union.

    It is through my dearest Muscovite friend named Leonid who has enlightened me
    about what life there really is.

    In this day and age, ALL media is still controlled by ”the state.” If you are found
    protested – by carrying placards and verbally expressing your own thoughts – the
    police will severely beat you and put you in jail at the blink of an eye.

    Leonid’s 76 year-old Mother, here, in 2014, in order to put food on the table, must
    plant, maintain, and grow ALL of the fruits and vegetation. Her Government pension
    is equal to about $250 per month.

    Yet, in the upscale Moscow center city, all you will see are the professional
    Russians who have ten times the amount of disposable income to spend on
    ”luxuries” – shopping at their shopping mall and affording to get your hair styled or

    A very real example of NO freedom of speech is Putin’s REMOVAL of Russia’s
    ONLY independent liberal tv/radio station named Dozd, which means “Rain” in
    English. This station WAS the ONLY station that broadcasted political radio that
    has not been piped in through the airwaves with Puttin propaganda, outright lies,
    and rhetoric.

    Leonid cannot stop being amazed and awestruck over our Constitution’s
    amendments – the Freedom of Speech and the Freedom to Assemble.

    In closing, what I have presented to you is only a snippet as to how life REALLY
    IS lived.

    If you were able to travel to Russia, you will be most warmly welcomed by the
    common folk, who are extremely friendly, who want to learn English, and want
    to find out how Americans live their lives.

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